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Olives are a fruit. Even though they grow on a tree, they cannot be eaten right off the tree. Olives must be cured first prior to eating to reduce the bitter taste. Depending on the curing process, olives offer variable levels of antioxidants, immune and digestive support. They are also rich in anti-inflammatory properties (known to reduce cancer risks). Nutritionally, …

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Eat Pineapple…

Eat pineapple for an upper respiratory infection. It contains bromelain – a natural anti-inflammatory, painkiller, which fights off bronchitis and sinusitis. It is also know to assist in healing stomach ulcers and bodily injuries. If you have damaged skin, the collagen in pineapple juice will recondition the skin and boost the immune system. It also breaks down cholesterol…who knew! So …

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Raw almonds are full of nutrients, including protein, monounsaturated fats, magnesium, vitamin E, and B vitamins. All of these important nutrients play a role in weight management, cellular metabolism support, increased blood flow, antioxidants, healthy fats, skin protection, and reduced cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Also, almonds are a gluten-free food, high in protein, and full of fiber. All …

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How water and the colon work together

The large Intestines, otherwise known as the Colon, is designed, among other things, to dehydrate the food traveling towards the anus for elimination. As the food matter dehydrates, it turns to “stool”. Without adequate daily water intake, stool turns hard too soon and may not eliminate properly, resulting in constipation. In addition to consuming plenty of water content foods such …

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Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds for Parasites

Eat pumpkin seeds ~ they not only taste good, are good for you, but also kill parasites! As my book, Intestinal Health mentions, parasites may enter the body through many different avenues: Ingesting contaminated water or food OR improperly cleaned raw foods Poor hygiene Fecal to oral contact – always wash hands after changing diapers or picking up pet feces …

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Cleaning Fresh Produce

The other day, I retrieved a box of fresh apples off a local tree. No pesticides – all organic – so wonderful and natural, Right???? Well, of course the worms think so too! So I took my wonderful box of worm filled apples into the kitchen, poured them gently into the sink, put a stopper in and filled the sink …

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The Magic of FIGS

Figs are full of nutritional value, essential nutrients, and might just be called a “super food”! One serving is considered six small figs. These six small figs provide you with: Lots of carbohydrates for energy Two full grams of protein to building lean mass Rich in fiber to make you poop Plenty of copper to activate enzymes that support connective …

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How to prevent getting food poisoning/stomach flu

Food poisoning or the Stomach flu are known as either bacterial or viral gastroenteritis. Either way, it is the same symptoms and discomfort. What you’re really want to do is prevent and minimize your exposure! Here are some of the simple, day-to-day habits you can apply to avoid contracting “gastroenteritis”: Avoid preparing food when infected and experiencing diarrhea or vomiting. …

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Relax Clear Health Boulder Colonic Center


Eating in a calm, relaxed, and quiet state of mind is ideal for initiating the digestion process and promoting maximum nutrient absorption. Take a mouthful of food, set down your utensil, chew, breathe, smile, and think pleasant thoughts. Be Calm and Quiet Use meditation and quiet breathing to improve blood flow for better oxygen and nutrient absorption, increased concentration, and …

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Good Intestinal Bacteria - Clear Health Boulder Colonic Center

Good Intestinal Bacteria

Probiotics are living micro flora or beneficial bacterial that play a critical role in promoting good digestion, supporting bowel function, bolstering the immune system, and maintaining healthy intestinal lining to deprive unwelcome organisms by supporting healthy microbial balance in the gut. The digestive system, if balanced correctly, contains billions of bacteria, roughly 85% good to 15% bad. Unfavorable imbalances may …

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