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Prepare for Health…

Since your gut health is your #1 defense, get prepared with Prebiotics. That’s right, PREbiotics maximize the benefit of PRObiotics. Every day, everywhere, we are hearing about probiotics, the essential good bacteria our gut needs for good digestion. Now it’s time to get the scoop on how to support and “feed” our essential probiotics… Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that “feed” …

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Let Em Shine!

Yes, it’s true… Keeping your teeth shiny does affect your intestinal health! How’s that? Not only does dental hygiene prevent mouth disease, but also may prevent intestinal disease. Fact: Proper dental hygiene is essential to good digestion because anti-microbial compounds such as lysozyme and IgA (secretory antibodies) in the mucous membranes in your mouth help to eliminate bad bacteria. No …

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Move your butt!

You job, driving, flying, electronics, movies, or just plain tired… do you sit too much? Well… you better get off your butt & beat cheeks, before you experience: Sluggish bowels Peristalsis muscle deconditioning Slowing metabolism And, increased morbidity rate! That’s right! The more you sit, the more your: Internal metabolic chemical reactions may decrease Glucose regulation (blood sugar) may decrease …

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